Reliable Partner

It is our goal to become a dependable partner on which the clients can rely. We base our sales on establishing partner relationships with both the buyers and suppliers ensuring an even higher degree of security and trust.

Power of Partnership

The main objective of our company is to promote, enable and ensure the best quality solutions in the water and gas segment in the territory of entire B&H while actively participating in the construction of functional and reliable distribution systems.

  • Authorized representative for HAWLE Armaturen GmbH
  • Authorized representative for Georg Fischer WAGA
  • Authorized representative for Von Roll
  • Authorized representative for Romacon
  • Authorized representative for AVK

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Water pipes
Specialised machines


VonRoll hydro offers a wide range of products and services to guarantee proper maintenance of water and gas systems. By doing so, vonRoll hydro supports the entire life cycle of a certain infrastructure system, form installation to maintenance and repair. The biggest competencies are leak detection, inspection and revision of valves and hydrant as well as the production and international delivery to buyers around the globe of pipes, block systems, hydrants, manhole covers, systems for leak detection and water quality monitoring.



Founded in 1981, ROMACON was the first ever company in Europe to produce stainless steel repair clamps. Currently ROMACON is on of the leading producers of repair clamps and saddles made in stainless steel. Their products are exported to over 60 countries and are used in repair of water pipes or in connecting new to existing pipelines. Today, ROMACON is part of United Pipeline Products

Installation Instruction Repair Clamp

AVK International

AVK International A/S offers a wide range of valves, hydrant and accessories for water, gas, waste water treatment and fire protection.

They specialize in the production of gate valves, double eccentric butterfly valves, non return valves, house connections, Supa Maxi™ couplers, extension spindles and select types of hydrants and accessories.


Double-eccentric butterfly valves

Cost is more important than quality, but quality is the best way to reduce cost.

Genichi Taguchi